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Retaining Rings - Engineered to give you freedom of design and fast product assembly

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The Spirolox part search cross-references similar Spirolox and Smalley part numbers, if the part you searched for cannot be found, Smalley offers several additional series of Retaining Rings and Snap Rings. To find the best ring for your application, please consult the Smalley website at www.smalley.com


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Internal Retaining Rings: 4 standard inch series of rings designed to fit common bore sizes. The UR series is the lightest duty series, and the RRN series if the heaviest. RR is the most commonly used series of retaining rings. The RRN series ring were designed to fit into the same groove as N5000 series rings.

External Retaining Rings: 4 standard inch series of rings designed to fit common shaft sizes. US is light duty and RSN is heavy duty. RSN rings were designed to fit into the same groove as 5100 series rings.


Spirolox Retaining Rings are used to retain a wide range of component parts in diverse engineered products...everything from small electric appliances to jet engines. They are used as components in original equipment and as replacement parts in industries such as:

Automotive vehicles
Business machines
Communication equipment
Electronic equipment
Electrical machinery
Farm machinery
Home appliances
Hydraulic equipment
Instruments and controls

Lighting fixtures
Machine tools
Material handling equipment
Missile and rockets
Nuclear devices
Photographic equipment
Power Tools
Sports equipment

The unique design and precision-fabrication of Spirolox Retaining Rings gives you greater freedom of design and speeds product assembly by eliminating excess machining and reducing the number of parts. The Spirolox continuous, uniform retaining shoulder obsoletes the need for machined shoulders, counterboring, threading, drilling and other complicated and costly processes. Saves labor, material, weight and space.


Spirolox rings are fabricated from high-quality, rectangular carbon spring steel or "302" stainless steel coiled on edge to form a 360º retaining surface. This creates a ring with exceptional strength and stability. And because the coil is thin in section it provides the flexibility needed for easy installation and removal. They can be manufactured in sizes from 3/8 inch diameter to 85 inch diameter.


To further increase your freedom of design, a number of optional variations are available:

  1. The height of the continuous uniform retaining shoulder can be varied for special applications without incurring tooling costs.
  2. Rings of varying thickness can be fabricated by either varying the thickness of the material and by increasing the number of turns.
  3. Use of thin section material permits the forming of tabs, prongs and other devices for meeting special assembly or disassembly problems.
  4. Use of multi turn sections permits greater flexibility during installation.
  5. Rings can be fabricated from specialty materials and given a variety of finishes.


The flexibility and the simplicity of design make Spirolox easy to handle, no special tools are required to install or remove the rings. The reduction in the number of machined parts needed for a retaining application also contributes to quick and easy installation.

Spirolox Retaining Rings can be assembled quickly by manual methods, and they lend themselves readily to semi-automatic methods for high-volume production.


We stock popular sizes of Spirolox Retaining Rings for both internal and external applications. Catalog sizes to fit shaft and bore diameters range from 7/16 inch up to 15 inches, and many are ready for prompt shipment off the shelf.

Custom rings can be designed to user specifications and forecasted usage.